The sustainable approach of Albiate 1830 at Kingpins Show

Innovation, creativity and a textile know-how that draws on almost two centuries of history are the main features of Albiate 1830, which will be in Amsterdam on October 23 and 24, to attend the Kingpins Show, a sector fair dedicated to the denim community.

New entry of the collection will be the “Saved” fabrics, denim produced with recycled cotton yarn, which reduces water and energy consumption, creating fabrics with a rustic and unconventional look.

“Denim is confirmed as the soul of Albiate 1830, which this year is all about sustainability. In fact, we will present a sustainable and eco-friendly collection, in line with the ethical commitment that has always distinguished our brand ". Matthias Menegazzo - Designer, Albiate 1830
Classic bases like Chambray, Victoria and Mussola are realized with sustainable and next-generation fibers and yarns such as TENCELTM Lyocell, bioceramic, Q-NOVA and EVO, whose properties guarantee comfort, freshness and performance in full respect of nature.


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Product code FA305677-490
Description Denim fabric created with Q-NOVA yarn, an environmentally-sustainable nylon fibre obtained from regenerated raw materials.

The organic denim remains a fundamental part of the Albiate 1830 new collection. These denim fabrics are made with 100% organic cotton of the highest quality and are accompanied by the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certification.

The denim of Albiate 1830 is a guarantee of research, innovation and uncompromising quality, perfect for those who are constantly looking for new and unconventional styling ideas for their outfits.