The offering of carry over bases in denim of Albiate 1830 responds to every customer’s need in an instant way, while maintaining constant attention to high quality. The range of weights available is as always versatile and very wide, ranging from light weights to the heaviest ones, perfect for creating garments with different end uses ranging from parka to shirt, from overshirt to jacket. In addition, the proposal does not stop at only cotton but continues with linen blend, 100% linen and special yarns.

Among the permanent products of Albiate 1830 there are not only plains, but also fancy denims, jacquard and prints. Printing, which plays an increasingly important role, is carried out using the techniques of cylinder, corrosion and application.


The importance given to raw materials and the quality of the yarn counts is always at the forefront also for the Denim. Albiate 1830 is one of the few brands to use two-fold yarn counts: finer and more durable yarns that confer the garments the best performance.