Albiate 1830 dresses the exclusivity

“Albiate 1830 exclusively for Tintoria Mattei” is the story of a fortu­nate encounter between the timeless value of Albiate 1830 and the sartorial creativity of Tintoria Mattei 954. The intuition of an affinity between the two brands was due to Ivan Serravalle, the designer responsible for the menswear line of Giemme Brands Corporate, the group that holds the shirt brand Tintoria Mattei 954. Ivan has recognised in the richness and refinement of the fabrics of Albiate 1830, the best way to express the mood that inspires the creations of Tintoria Mattei 954.

This special collaboration has highlighted surprising synergies between Albiate 1830 and Tintoria Mattei 954, giving life to a collection of shirts for the S/S 19-20 with a refined DNA yet with rough accents, chic and vintage at the same time, for a man who absolutely does not want to give up on elegance nor informality. “In the precious texture of this shirt you can recognise the soul of Albiate 1830 through the grainy and unusual effect of the fabric” says Ivan “while the retro flavour of the ’70s and the tailoring are clear trademarks of Tintoria Mattei 954”.

Shirts from a retro-luxury mood, deconstructed in a refined, elegant and fluctuating way, that seem to have been salvaged from the archive and dusted off, with a vintage twist that paradoxically, was born from the continuous search for a new inspiration.