Genova Jeans

A full immersion in the culture of the next-generation jeans

For Genova Jeans, Albiate 1830 presents two upcycled sportswear looks created by fashion designer Marcello Pipitone and the highly sustainable projects elaborated in collaboration with ALBINI_next.

Genova Jeans: four days devoted to the values, creativity, innovation and culture of jeans. It is specifically for this context which speaks of beauty, innovation, respect for people and the environment that the MARCELLO PIPITONE X ALBIATE 1830 outfits originated.

Marcello Pipitone, an emerging fashion designer on the Italian fashion scene, collaborates with Albiate 1830 to create two surprisingly creative denim outfits.

The two looks designed by Marcello Pipitone were created from denim remnants of past Albiate 1830 collections and integrated with two innovative projects developed by ALBINI_next: GROUNDED INDIGO and RETWIST+.

The two MARCELLO PIPITONE X ALBIATE 1830 outfits represent the perfect mix of recycling and sustainable innovation, for a collaboration that epitomises the spirit and identity of Albiate 1830 and Marcello Pipitone, sharing style, research and experimentation.

A unique partnership that testifies to how supply chains and up-and-coming designers are able to revitalise the world of denim, representing the importance of a collaboration between two inseparable realities, both leading players in the fashion system.