Albiate 1830 x Saat at Bluezone

On the occasion of the Bluezone trade show – held in Munich on September 4 and 5, 2018 – a new and interesting collaboration was born: it is the one between Albiate 1830, Saac and Bluezone. Bluezone, a trade show dedicated to the denim community and sportwear, has chosen the innovative denim fabrics of Albiate 1830 to dress its staff, which has become a concrete representation of the identity of the denim trends inside the fair.

The fabrics of Albiate 1830 were interpreted by Saat, an emerging German brand. Saat, whose name comes from the Indian word “together“, together with Albiate 1830, designed a collection for men and women for 100% denim outfits, creating an informal and at the same time sophisticated and modern total look.

Together, Albiate 1830 and Saat, have introduced the denim also in the world of athleisure and underwear. Starting from the creativity of Albiate 1830, Saat has created an indigo jacquard striped jumpsuit, a preview of Saat’s next collection, perfect for a dynamic and avant-garde public, who is constantly looking for unconventional clothing, in step with the emerging fashion trends.

It has also been proposed a limited edition of boxers which, in accordance with a circular economy, have been produced with recycled fabrics, creating an original collection that fully respects the principles of sustainability.

Creativity, innovation and ultimate sophistication are therefore the key features of this modern collaboration, a guarantee of quality without compromise.