A/W 2022-23: find out the trends and watch the video of the new collection

Denim, organic and recycled fabrics and jacquards are the keystones of the collection, designed to create garments that are emblematic of a comfortable, youthful and dynamic world. “Hybrid” fabrics that are versatile, dedicated to those in pursuit of a casual yet cool look, with a sustainable and eco-friendly spirit.

The three souls of the Albiate 1830 collection are the torchbearers of attentive research which translate into a highly recognizable style.

Selvedge Denim

Albiate 1830’s organic cotton selvedge denim, one of the rarest and most distinctive symbols of denim. A unique and exclusive fabric, rigorously Made in Italy and handcrafted with shuttle looms from the 1950s that allow for an exclusive and unique product. Synonymous with tradition, craftsmanship and passion, these denim fabrics are also available in a macro-check pattern version.

Winter Jacquard

The moods and colour palettes typical of the winter season inspire Albiate’s new jacquard fabrics. The patterns are the expression of a refined and contemporary style: patchwork, camouflage, floral and paisley are delineated in shades of black, denim blue and military colours, also on innovative recycled cotton fabric bases.

Streetwear Tartan

Heavyweight fabrics that are perfect for creating overshirts with a bold personality and which are stylish in every detail. With their tartan designs of varying sizes interpreted in bright and lively colours, these fabrics are distinguished by their warm hand and modern and dynamic appearance.