Find out the themes and the fabrics of the new collection

Craftsmanship and the know-how of manual labour inspire the Albiate 1830 collection for A/W 2023-24.

The collection’s two interpretations – Craft Your Style and Sculpt Your Colour – interact and create proposals dedicated to a casual yet cool clientele with a sustainable and eco-friendly spirit.

Craft your style

Rustic, imperfect, irregular-looking fabrics that are unique both for their choice of yarns as well as their hands and patterns which convey craftsmanship, experimentation, uniqueness.

More than 80 per cent of the collection is made from recycled cotton, wool and polyester yarns, once more emphasising how respect for the environment and sustainability are always a top priority for Albiate 1830.

Sculpt your colour

The theme of craftsmanship also runs through the Albiate 1830 denim soul. The ultimate expression of handcrafted denim is selvedge denim, a unique and exclusive fabric, strictly Made in Italy.

The collection’s newest element is brushed linen, for warm denim fabrics with a very soft hand that is perfect for the winter season.

Draw your feelings

The proposal of printed fabrics is united by designs that originate from the pencils of designers, which are then digitised and produced on fabrics made of the highest quality raw materials.

The big news in textiles is ‘greendrop’ printing, an innovative digital pigment printing technology that offers remarkable water savings.