The first selvedge denim in organic cotton by Albiate 1830

The denim world of Albiate 1830 is now further embellished by a completely new addition to its product range: the first organic cotton denim with a distinctive selvedge, one of denim’s rarest and most exquisite symbols.

The new Albiate selvedge denim is a unique and exclusive fabric, rigorously Made in Italy, handcrafted with shuttle looms from the 1950s that work at 80 beats per minute with a maximum daily output of 25 metres of fabric. These are slow looms that work at a rate ten times slower than modern machines, allowing care to be given to even the smallest details, resulting in an exclusive and unique product that is synonymous with tradition, craftsmanship and passion.

"In this historical moment of great change, we believe it is increasingly important to rediscover our roots to find the true essence of things. That is why we decided to return to the origins of denim, to its history which began in Genoa from where was exported overseas to become one of the most iconic fabrics in the history of fashion" Matthias Menegazzo - Textile Designer of Albiate 1830

The first Albiate 1830 selvedge denim is available in a number of variations that adapt to countless styles and uses: some as bases for shirting and others with a more consistent weight for creating overshirts, jackets and trousers.

Fabrics that echo Japanese denim for their beauty and rusticity with a refined vintage look featuring unique resistance. Exclusive products for true connoisseurs who love to wear history.

Technical information

  • Composition: 100% organic cotton
  • Width: 149/150 cm
  • Weights: 146/156 – 170/190 – 213/214 g/m2
  • Colours: Blue and White
  • Selvedge: Customizable