Denim Design. The Sign of Denim

The new Service Program by Albiate1830

Albiate1830 presents Denim Design, the new Service Program which offers a surprising and stylish selection of 12 denim fabrics categories that are readily available.

This proposal comes from the combination of exclusive high-quality raw materials, iconic details and experimentation.

The Concept

Albiate1830 offers a real denim experience.

This journey consists of 12 fabric categories  and involves a parallel drawn between denim and design, such that each fabric corresponds to a specific style of lettering, the illustrated art form that focuses on individual letters, the details that animate them, and their role within a composition.

The Structure

The 12 fabrics categories are collected within 3 ring books, making folder management organizable according to your needs.

The 3 books are in turn contained in a duffle bag composed of remnants from past collections and made by inmates at the ‘Don Fausto Resmini’ prison in Bergamo through the ‘RICUCENDO’ project.

This is a project which consists of a textile workshop and aimes at the training and the social reintegration of inmates.

Futura Paper

The folders are created with Futura paper, which is made with 25% textile waste from Albini Group production.

This sustainable paper was born from the collaboration between ALBINI_next and Fedrigoni, the leading Italian paper manufacturer.

30 meters is the minimum order quantity of these fabrics, which are already available for prototypes and samples, and on fast delivery for your purchases.