Spring Summer 2025 collection preview

Discover the trends of the new Spring Summer 2025 collection previewed at Kingpins Show

Albiate 1830 previews its new collection for Spring Summer 2025 inspired by Japanese art at Kingpins Show.

The collection is dedicated to the concept of ‘Mottainai’, a Japanese mentality that conveys a sense of ‘regret about waste’ and ‘respect for your possessions’. For Albiate 1830, this concept translates in particular into recycled fabrics, as a testament to the brand’s great commitment to the environment and sustainability.

This set of values expresses the idea of creative recycling and is reflected in Retwist+, the circular economy project developed by ALBINI_next, in which recycling becomes a completely closed loop – from left-over denim fabrics to a new recycled yarn. For the new collection, Retwist+ is adorned with patterns and jacquard work inspired by Japan and its art.

Also included in the collection are the new variants of Colourful Denim by Albiate 1830. Bright denim fabrics made from the highest quality raw materials, continuing the strong trend, evolving and being enriched with new tones, designs and patterns.

Albiate 1830 is also set to be the protagonist in the One Denim installation, aimed at demonstrating how a single denim fabric can take on different personalities and infinite shades of style thanks to special treatments and washes, confirming the dynamic and pioneering spirit of Albiate 1830, which has long searched for innovative solutions and sustainable products.