Among the lastest innovations at Albiate 1830 we can find the insertion in the collection of sustainable botanical fibres, namely Tencel ®, Tencel Micro ® and Modal ®.

These fibres are proposed on multiple bases, from lightweight ones such as voile, twill, flannel or oxford to stretch flannel and various weave structures.

Of totally plant origin, the fibres of TENCEL MICRO® and MODAL MICRO® are extracted from the cellulose from trees, the first from the eucalyptus of South Africa, the second from the beech.
These are then processed through a particularly environmentally friendly industrial process that provides complete reuse of the solvents, thus avoiding their dispersion in the environment and also allowing for energy savings.

Thanks to their smooth and voluminous natural texture, the fabrics created with these fibres are particularly silky and soft on the skin, giving a feeling of comfort and naturalness. The lack of hairiness and the fluid touch of the fabrics give the garments a refined appearance, absorbing excess moisture quickly and transporting it to the outside, ensuring an optimal climate on the skin and giving comfort and freshness to those who wear it, through all the seasons.

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